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Download Kik Messenger For PC

Download Kik Messenger For PC

You do not have a time for call or talk with anyone when you are in hurry or you are in meeting and you want to update someone with something special which you cant avoid at that time messages are always best option we choose,
Even if you are jealous of the BlackBerry’s BBM and iPhone’s iMessage, but own some other smartphone or any other ios or android smart devices or even if you are not happy with sending or receiving messages with registered phone number or you are not happy with any other services..

Even on your phone due to some reasons including the following,

  • You are not ready to pay for any messages or application,
  • You have change your phone number,
  • Your number is blocked by someone,
  • Your Messenger is not connected due to internet connectivity,
  • You want to try some new application,

In this case we present you Kik Messenger, an app that will change the way you text and stay in touch. Even if you do not have a smartphone, we got your back.

What is Kik Messenger

Here I have one revolutionary messaging service that is always on, always connected, always with you and faster and reliable than any other applications that are available on iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian operating systems without any cost with WIFI or other network connectivity. Instead of using Phone number as new user registration, Kik messenger gives you username for sending and receiving messages to individual or among the group.

Who can use Kik Messenger

1). Start to download Kik messenger application for your smart phone,

  1. For Iphone User (for iOS 4.3 and later)
  2. For Android User (for Android 2.2. and later)
  3. For Windows User (for Windows Phone 7)
  4. For Blackberry User (for BlackBerry OS 4.6 – 7)
  5. For Nokia User (for S60v5, Symbian^3/Anna/Belle)

2). Sign up with your email id.
3). Sign in with your username.
4). Search for existing Kik messenger user or user from your contacts.
5). Exchange messages, contact, audio, video, picture across different operating systems between individual or groups.
6). Lets Connecting.

Enjoy instant messages via your smart phone. But what should you do when you lost your phone or not able to access your device and you want to send messages to your loved once via Kik Messenger, If you want to use Kik Messenger on your PC or Mac, currently their is no official application for PC or Mac for Kik Messenger. However, we have found a hack to make it work on a PC or even Mac operating systems.

Kik Messenger on PC

Here, we have found a method that works same as your smart phone app. I am very glad to know that there is Kik Messenger for PC for you. With the help of an emulator you can access your application from your laptop or desktop and exchanging your messages to your loved once as you would do on your mobile phone. Getting Kik messenger to work no need to first activate the emulator. You can directly access it from your PC. It is the one and only program that contains all apps that are found on the Playstore on an android, all on your PC or Mac. The download is free which takes only 5-10 minutes. The program called Bluestacks (Android App Player for PC or Mac)

Kik Messenger for PC Tutorial

  1. Download Android emulator called Bluestacks from here for Windows or Mac.
  2. Once you have downloaded, run it and installed Bluestacks on your laptop or desktop.
  3. On the Bluestacks home page you will search for Kik Messenger via a search icon box, and you will get new dialog box as result with Kik Messenger.
  4. Launch the installation of Kik Messenger and sign up or sign in with existing username.
  5. Now you can start using Kik Messenger for PC.
  6. Enjoy instant messages to Kik messenger users from your PC or Mac.

Watch this video tutorial to see the process from download Bluestacks to Sending and Receiving real time conversation to Kik Messenger users from your PC or Mac.

Hope you have got an idea how to use Kik Messenger for PC through Bluestacks and lets start SMSing for free.


  1. just open

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  6. It Wont Let Me Install Bluestacks

  7. blustakcs wont donlaod on my computer

  8. hhahha kik is the best to conact your friend and family.

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  11. I downloaded bluestacks and tried downloading kik but gives me an error saying Market not found. search the web for instillation recipe ? please help

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  14. Shankedra Flournoy

    Its hard to get it on ur phone with no wifi

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  16. i tried to download kik but it kept coming up with error and it is not available to download. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  17. So true. So lame. Let’s help them with the bugs (?)

  18. Hey whats up Sophia

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